Unusual Deaths

Private Edward Hutchinson 2497

Based on his service number Private Hutchinson enlisted with the 6th Durham Light Infantry around about 14 September 1914 at Bishop Auckland and proceeded overseas with the battalion on 19 April 1915 where he would have gone in to action less than a week later at Ypres.

His CWGC record states he was with 26th Durham Light Infantry at the time of his death (It was the 23rd Battalion at the time of death and later re-numbered 26th) would be suggestive of him having been posted back to England due to sickness or wounds. He was killed after being hit be a run-away tram on Bensham Bank, Gateshead on 05 February 1916.

The O Foster mentioned in the article may be 2291 Private Oliver M Forster.

Times Newspaper, 7 Feb1916. pg 5.

Private Matthew F Parker 735

Died after being run over by a tram in Darlington.

Newcastle Journal,  7 Mar 1916. pg 10.

Private John Thomson 3916

Killed in a shooting accident on 19 September 1915 at North Leam Camp, Felling, when a gun was discharged. He had enlisted in late June 1915 and was most likely still in training.

Pvt Thomson

 Ncl Journal, 21 Sep 1915. pg 10

The charges against the three soldiers involved were later released when it was determined that there was insufficient evidence of any intent. Lance Corporal Mason, Privates Wallace  and Tindle.

 Pvt Thomson 2

 Ncl Journal, 24 Sep 1915. pg 8

Private Archie Hedley

Drowned whilst swimming in the River Wansbeck at Morpeth on 09 August 1915.

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