Structure of the battalion in April 1915.

Reconstructed structure of the Battalion as it stood on 19 April 1915 (Currently under construction).  Reconstructed army lists leading up to this period can be found here.

Lt Colonel
Harry Crawford Watson

Major (company)
Stanley Edgar Badcock (B)
John Edward Hawdon (Second in command)
John Gray (At depot)

Captain (company)
Alfred Cummins (A)
William Devey (C)
Jonathan Townend (D)
John William Jeffreys (Adjutant – attached regular)
Frederick Livesey
Joseph Monkhouse
Robert Park
Frederick Walton
Thomas Welch
Charles E Cleminson (At depot)
John H Ramsey (At depot)
Samuel Rayner (At depot)
George Rudd (Adjutant at depot)
Harry Shearwater (At Depot – attached regular)

William Hope

RAMC Doctor
William Mackay

Walter Frederick Badcock
Henry Bircham (Transport officer)
William Gill
Alfred Hare
Ralph Hare
Arnold Haythornthwaite
H Haythornthwaite
Thomas Heslop
Robert Peberby (At depot)
Charles Wawn (At depot)

Second Lieutenant
George Roddam Angus
Alfred Blenkinsopp
John Favell
George Kirkhouse
Colin Kynoch
John Leighton
Percy Lyon
Harry Nicholson
Kenneth Stuart
Sydney Thorpe
Bernard Storr (At depot)

Regimental Serjeant Major
1319 Perry (attached regular)

Regimental Quartermaster Serjeant
650 Barrow

Bugle Major
1235 Jackson

Company Quarter Master Serjeant  (company)
184 Barrett
576 Bennison (B)
986 Walton
651 Bennison (D)

Company Serjeant Major (company)
94 Lancaster (A)
192 Bulman
561 McNair
9127 Bousfield (attached regular)

Battalion Armourer-Serjeant
A1334 Osbourne (attached from Army Ordnance Corps)